Testimony of a repentant homosexual.

Posted on July 12, 2007 at 10:14 am


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Dear Gramps,
I am what you would call an repentant homosexual”gay” man. It has taken long years of being in and out ot the gospel. I am now 48 and a temple recommend holder and do all I can to serve our God. Sexuality I have learned is to be kept in the bounds the Lord has set. Teachings to the contrary are teachings of this inferior ” telestial” world, and I agree that it can be somewhat like alcoholism etc. You are always an alcoholic but one who is not drinking today. God gave us our weaknesses that we may be humble. It is a difficult thing to see all your friends companions of the opposite sex. Those who have same sex attractions must turn their lives over with all their will to the Lord and Savior and beg his atonement for relief. If they will do so in all honesty, it is my testimony that He will bless them. Note that after 48 years my experience says that the site quoted in new York as having an 80% cure is a claim that historically cannot be baked up. Whatever the reason, birth defect or nature, it is not a choice in 99.9% of those I know. But salvation is a choice that must all move towards, and all are invited to the supper of the Lord! Yours re-born and re-made by the potter, Our Savior Jesus Christ
Morten, from Oakland, California

Dear Morten,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your experience with us. They should be encouraging and motivating to all those who would put their lives in order to follow the Savior, no matter what the cost.
With respect to the claim of an 80% cure rate for homosexuals by that clinic in New York City, the source is only a comment that I heard on the radio while driving through San Jose, California in 1982.

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Testimony of a repentant homosexual. - Ask Gramps - Q and A about Mormon Doctrine
I am what you would call an repentant homosexual”gay” man. It has taken long years of being in and out ot the gospel. I am now 48 and a temple recommend holder and do all I can to serve our God.

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