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Dear Gramps,

In a recent Priesthood lesson, we were discussing the lineage discussed in 2 Nephi where Lehi was prophesying to his young son Joseph in which a choice seer would descend from the lineage of Joseph of Egypt, which we know today would be Joseph Smith, Jr. The question that came up is this: this lineage that gave rise to the choice seer (Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.) and came from Joseph of Egypt…did it come directly through Lehi? The Nephite nation perished with Moroni, so did it come through another son of Lehi’s? I think possibly that the lineage beginning with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Ephraim and Manassah) giving rise to the choice seer in the latter-days came through the offspring of Ephraim (which would include Lehi?) and a host of other possible routes to Joseph Smith Jr. Am I on the right track here? Would appreciate anything you could add so the quorum can cover it briefly next Sunday in our meeting. Thanks a lot.

Bob, from West Virginia




Dear Bob,

The only descendants remaining from Lehi were the Lamanites, the ancestors of the Native American. Although Joseph Smith was of the blood of Ephraim, it was not through Lehi’s descendants, but from the blood of Ephraim scattered throughout the nations, as is the case with most of the other members of the Church.




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