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First of all, thank you for all the time and research you spend answering questions. I love to read your website daily. ┬áMy question is regarding energy healing. A friend in my Stake has been trying to get me involved, and though I’ve seen websites where LDS members actively practice and encourage energy medicine, I’m somewhat leery. She said it doesn’t replace the Priesthood and it’s simply another form of healing, but I went to one of her “sessions” and came away feeling somewhat uncomfortable. I can’t find anything in my LDS publication research. Can you please give me some idea of what the Church stance is on this? Thank you!




There are countless ‘spiritualist’ movements and activities these days. Many come under the heading of ‘new age’ material. All of this is pertinent to your situation, but at the same time, a side issue in general.

We have been given the gift of the Holy Ghost upon baptism, based upon our personal righteousness. This gift is intended to operate as a guide, among other things. You are leery of the practice of energy healing. Can you explain why, or is it energy healing mormonsimply a feeling you have that you can’t verbalize precisely? The discomfort you felt after a session could be due to the Holy Ghost telling you that you shouldn’t get too involved with further sessions. It could also be due to a general discomfort to a new and strange idea.

One thing I know you won’t find is a church statement about such a specific activity. This is where Joseph Smith’s statement comes into play when he was asked how he governed the Saints so effortlessly “I don’t. I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.”

You have the resources within yourself to determine the correct path. Use them and trust what the Holy Spirit gives you in answer. I suppose any official church statement would pretty much say the same thing.


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