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As an LDS sister divorced for many years, it’s increasingly disillusioning trying to find a man that does not press for sexual intimacy outside of the bounds of marriage including the LDS men I’ve known. I’ve been told by LDS men that some LDS women, in particular ones who have been previously married, have pressed them to be intimate. The sex drive can be strong but we are instructed to have dominion over it not it over us which is not always easy to accomplish. My discouragement is to the point of giving up finding an honorable man. Some erroneously rationalize that it’s “OK” in a committed relationship but God’s Laws of Chastity are as His word; the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Has the entire world gone assunder?




In scripture we are informed that the last days will result in a moral decay by many of God’s sons and daughters. We are informed that men and women will become “lovers of their own selves,” they will become “lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” Unfortunately, LDS men and women, are no exception.

Instead of honoring the commandments of God they rely on the mercy, while ignoring God’s justice, when they choose to sin, especially sexual transgression.

The Lord bless you to continue in faith and hope as you hope to meet a worthy and honorable priesthood holder. Continue to deny any advances to break the law of chastity.


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