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Dear Gramps,

I was recently called as church historian, a newly created calling. Can you help me, I don’t have a clue what to do. Do I deal with the past or present, how do I do it?

Q#2. I live in a small town and there is only one place I can go to get the frozen drink I love so much. I am friendly with the lady who often manages the place, and she owes me money, when I go in there she will NOT ALLOW me to pay her anything for the drink, I feel guilty, how can I solve this without giving up my drink?

B., from Michigan


Dear B.,

I assume that your calling as historian is a ward position. There are two immediate sources of help in this area. First, I would consult with the bishop and ask him if he would define the parameters of the call for you. Second, you might ask the High Counselor assigned to your Ward if there is a person on the High Council that specializes in this area. He could possibly give you some technical help.

Apart from that, I would assume that the ward historian would keep a record of all the happenings in the ward. I don’t believe that this calling relates to digging up information from the past, but rather to recording information of present activities that would have historical value.

Concerning your dilemma about accepting the gratuity from the frozen drink lady that owes you money, there are a couple of courses that you could consider. If the amount that she owes you is relatively small, you could accept the drinks graciously, and subtract the cost of them from what she owes you. Eventually you could announce to her that the debt has been resolved. Secondly, why not be gracious and accept her kindness? I’m sure that she would feel good about that.

A related thought, if she owes you money, is there any plan for repayment? Perhaps that should be clarified so that were would be no misunderstanding in relation to her paying you what she owes, whether it be in cash or frozen drinks.


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