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Pond on John Benbow’s farm in Herefordshire England where Wilford Woodruff baptized many of the United Brethren

A photo of Gramps posing by the pond on John Benbow’s farm in Herefordshire, Englan

Gramps, USAAF in WWII

A photo of Gramps, USAAF in WWII.


A photo of Buster, Gramps' cat, relaxing under a chair.

North Pole Sunset

A photo of the sunset at the North Pole.

AcrodusterToo shot by Gramps from his Starduster Too

A photo of the plane "Acroduster Too" from the plane "Starduster Too".

Visitors to Gramps’ back yard 1

A photo of a deer laying down in Gramps' backyard.

Visitors to Gramps’ back yard 2

A photo of many deer laying down and standing in Gramps' backyard.

Visitors to Gramps’ back yard 3

A photo of a single deer standing on Gramps' green lawn.

Up close and personal

A photo of another deer in Gramps' backyard, grazing.

The EAA B-17 Flying Fortress in which Gramps flew from Ogden, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado, June 2006


EAA B-17 “Fuddy Duddy” enroute from Ogden, Utah, to Grand Junction, Colorado, at 10,000 feet. Photo taken by Gramps.


En route from Ogden to Grand Junction. Picture taken by Gramps.

A photo taken by the navigator bubble in the plane Starduster, showing the pilots.

Nostalgic formation of a P-38, a P-51, and F-4 and an F-16


Gramps after speaking at a fireside

A profile photo of Gramps at a fireside event.

The fastest open cockpit biplane in the world

Starduster plane

With Sean Tucker

A photo of Gramps in the Starduster plane with Sean Tucker standing beside it.

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Photo Gallery - Ask Gramps - Q and A about Mormon Doctrine
Various pictures of Gramps with a short description accompanying each.

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