If one is not married in the temple can they be in Heavenly Father’s presence?

Posted on January 24, 2013 at 12:01 am

Mormon Doctrine

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If you’re not married in the temple but ended up in the Celestial Kingdom, will you be able to see Heavenly Father or to be in His presence? I’ve always thought that if you’re not married you will never get to be in the presence of Heavenly Father cause you weren’t obedient. In D&C 131 it says that there are three heavens or degrees. So a question in mind is there are three heavens. Are they all together in one sphere or are they all separated? If it possible to have the reference and an answer to it please.




Hi John,

The Celestial Kingdom is a place where our Heavenly Father resides, and all who  have obtained entrance into this Kingdom will be able to be in Heavenly Father’s presence.

I understand your personal thoughts regarding those who have not been married, however, those who have not been married are not able to be exalted within the highest tier of the Celestial Kingdom. Not being married does not exclude them from God’s presence in the Celestial Kingdom.

We know from doctrine that this earth will be the Celestial Kingdom. There is no information as to where the other Kingdoms will be. In light of this, the answer is we don’t know.



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If one is not married in the temple can they be in Heavenly Father's presence? - Ask Gramps - Q and A about Mormon Doctrine
If you're not married in the temple but ended up in the Celestial Kingdom, will you be able to see Heavenly Father or to be in His presence? I've always thought that if you're not married you will never get to be in the presence of Heavenly Father
  • Wax

    I recently reactivated in the church and I’m married to a non member who will never become one at this point. I will assume that she will not but hope that she does. You are telling me that if I’m not married in the temple in this life that i cannot achieve the highest level in the Celestial Kingdom…if that’s the case then why am I bothering?

  • Liz Perrott

    Is an endowed but widowed man, duty bound to seek a Temple Sealing if he marries again to a woman who has not already been sealed? My friends husband to be wants them to be married for Time only, because he feels his family would be hurt if he was sealed to a second wife. My friend would want to be sealed to him as she is a converts so has never been sealed before.

  • Galen Beesley

    Well have to hope that if you are still around you can do the work for her, but if you go first hopefully some one will do the work for you. It is still good to try because in the end if you wanted to be sealed in the temple and didn’t get a chance in this life, you will during the millennium. Just hold on and follow what you know to be true. Trust me it is hard and I know because I’m in the same boat, but I have been told that in the end if I want a temple marriage it will happen with my wife now or during the millennium I will find my mate that I can be married to for time and eternity. I hope this is true and so I stay with what I know is true and go on faith.

  • Emily

    I also have a spouse that is “never going to join the church.” I don’t question God’s timing in my life, and I believe in my heart that one day I will be sealed to him in heaven. But that is not my concern for today, for me or him. I know that everything works out for the best, and if I am doing all that I can to be who I need to be, then everything else will fall into place. God wants us to be happy, and he loves us dearly. I don’t really think that God would separate me and my spouse after a life of worthy living, and being faithful and committed to a loving relationship. I also believe he had a hand in joining us together. I don’t know a lot of things, but I KNOW it will all work out. You are not doing all you do for nothing. You are doing all you can because God loves you and wants you to be happy. Life is hard, and living with an unbelieving spouse can be hard, but as long as you do all that you can, you will have the power of God on your side, which is more than any of us can ask for. It is not a bother to be righteous, no matter how hard it becomes. Please put your faith in God, and not in the things we don’t understand. One day all will be revealed to us, and we will understand, but that day is not today, and God will do everything he can to help you in life. Above all, have faith, and love your spouse.
    With much love and faith, we will get through our trials.

  • Keith Donovan

    Bro. Wax, I noticed it’s been 8 months and you haven’t had the reply that you deserve. Why are you bothering? (And I hope you still are). First is Truth. You are bothering because it is true. The Church of Jesus Christ is true. No other option can give you a greater reward than thru the Church. Giving up will not be better for you or your wife, it can only be worse. Second is Hope. You said it yourself – you hope that she does join the Church. Hope is essential to Faith, it is impossible for you to know she won’t join, but it is a near certainty that she will Not unless you press on and endure to the end. Keep that hope, keep that faith. Miracles do happen. Third is Judgement. You don’t know what the judgement is or will be for any of us. The whole point of the temple is that people progress even after this life. We can not judge who will accept the truth in the Spirit World, and under what conditions a person is considered to have completely rejected the Gospel and can not repent even then. The Lord is forgiving and just because your wife is one of the many in this life who does not recognize the truth, that does not mean she is dammed (i.e. stopped in her progression) forever. I’ve heard that there will be very few in the next life who will continue to be so obstinate as to reject the Gospel in the Spirit World. And Jesus is forgiving. She may lose some blessings, it may take her longer, but Jesus forgives still. God judges by the desires of the heart. The man or woman who cannot marry in this life but desired to is judged as if they married. No one can be denied a blessing because they were not able to fulfill all requirements for it here on earth. Eternal Progression. God promises to wipe away all tears and all sorrows. He will do so for you. As much as you allow Him to, and as much as your wife will allow him to. That is why you are bothering. Please keep bothering, and trust in The Lord.

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