Does God allow people to visit other worlds?

Posted on December 14, 2013 at 7:57 am


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I know God has created worlds without number. I would imagine each world has a plan of salvation for them. But we all have our free agency. Would God allow a people from one world to visit another?





We have our free agency, but the space between planets is huge. The farthest mortals from earth have traveled is to the moon (I am hearing of plans to send people to Mars but I have no idea if that will happen). Thus it seems to me that for us to get people to other planets outside of the solar system it would require great leaps in our ability to engineer a spaceship that can do so, and an even greater leap in technology to do it in a time frame that is measured in less then generations.

So right now it seems that God is the only one that has the power to move people from one world to another. Which depending on how you define worlds could be exactly what He is doing every time He sends an angel to us here.


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Does God allow people to visit other worlds? - Ask Gramps - Q and A about Mormon Doctrine
I know God has created worlds without number. I would imagine each world has a plan of salvation for them. But we all have our free agency. Would God allow a people from one world to visit another?
  • Wax

    Are there really Aliens from other worlds who are visiting our earth such as what is claimed to have happened in Roswell, and all of these UFO’s that have been seen and photographed? Can this really be true or is it a hoax?

  • will7370

    I once read a book by an LDS church member who discussed UFOs and aliens from an LDS perspective. I wish I could remember the author and title now. In it, he recounted one Utah church member’s account of finding a landed UFO many years ago. This person said he met the occupants who looked just like we do. He asked them if they had the gospel and the priesthood. They replied that they would very much like to discuss these things with him, but that they were not allowed. I personally believe though, after reading this book, that these other stories common today of little grey men with huge eyes are really manifestations of the Adversary, and those who were denied bodies in this second estate.

  • Chris Baker

    Oooh, this book sounds fascinating. I would really appreciate if you could determine the author and book, so I could purchase it. :-)

  • will7370

    I think this is the LDS book I referenced:

    “Aliens & UFOs – Messengers or Deceivers?”
    Thompson, James L.; Salisbury, Frank B.

    Here is another LDS book on the same topic:

    “A Mormon Looks at Aliens & UFOs”
    Aston, Warren P.

  • Chris Baker

    Ah, wonderful! Thank you Will!

  • Sandi

    An interesting scripture related to this question is D&C 130:5-9.
    Verse 5 says, “…there are no angels who minister to this earth but those who do belong or have belonged to it.”

    I suppose that if even the angels are restricted (as implied by verse 5) to minister only among the planet to which they belong, God might prefer to keep the planets and their own inhabitants separate (and surely He would have His reasons). This is all speculation, though. I could be completely wrong.

    Though I do wonder why we were given this particular revelation. Very interesting.

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