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I enjoy reading your column quite a bit. I have just read with great interest the two most recent questions, the two regarding millions of earths and Christ the Savior for all for them. My question is would you please explain in conjunction to those answers if Satan is also allowed to tempt the people of other earths or only this one and if not, are we the only part of the human family that are tempted? Thanks in advance.

Will, from Idaho


Dear Will,

There is undoubtedly much in the works of God that he has chosen not to reveal to us. To Moses he said,

And worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten. . . . But only an account of this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you. (Moses 1:33-35).

So I believe that you will not find in the scriptures any specific reference that reveals that Satan influences the inhabitants of other planets. We may conjecture about such things, but the truth will only be known when it is revealed from heaven. Nevertheless, let us conjecture for a moment.

We do know that the Lord, Jesus Christ provided an infinite atonement, and is the Savior of all the worlds. We know that in the pre-mortal spirit world Satan held great sway with many of the children of the Father, and many followed after him. It is unlikely that all those who love Satan more than God and seek to promote his works were sent here to this one world. We know that there are many telestial kingdoms. Wickedness and opposition to truth are characteristic of the telestial kingdom. It would seem that wherever wickedness exists it is authored, sponsored and promoted by the Adversary.

Although, as we mentioned above, we find nothing in the scriptures that specifically declares the influence of Satan on other worlds, there are come apocryphal writings that do make that declaration. Hugh Nibley in his Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, 1,7, p.195-96, records a statement from the Psalms of Thomas as follows:

“When God sent forth a ship of light ‘laden with the riches of the Living,’ Satan and his pirate crew coming ‘I know not from where’ seized ‘the treasure of the Mighty One’ and ‘distributed it among their worlds,’ until they were forced to give it up” (Psalms of Thomas 3:1-15).


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