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What is an apologetic site?






I am going to make an assumption that your question was triggered by this one Why Does the Prophet Rely on Apologetic Sites to speak for the Church?

If we look up the word apologetic in the dictionary we get a few potential definitions.  Given that you are asking about an apologetic site, the definition that I think fits the best is Serving as or containing a formal justification or defense.

An apologetic site could be set up to answer the criticism and complaints leveled to just about anything, but it is most commonly used in a religious context–defending a religion’s practices and beliefs from those that do not believe and are attacking it.

Apologetics use logic, reasoning, science and other man-made tools to defend and justify whatever position they have.

Apologetics can be useful and helpful if you find your faith under attack and want to find some support.  But do understand the Lord’s way of learning truth is through spiritual witness, so that one can gain a testimony and act on faith.

Apologetics can be a useful tool for those with faith and testimony.  But without that, it is more of the “Arm of the Flesh”, and the apologetic’s arguments and reasoning should not alone be the basis for ones belief.





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