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For the longest time, I have thought of using crystals for “healing” as satanic. However, I recently learned the science behind it which is that crystals contain vibrations and energy which can help even out our own when it is out of whack. Although I do not think we should rely on crystals to heal us, I’d like to know your thoughts on using crystals for pain management alongside other things such as medication and blessings when needed.






Is the third eye satanic? Like chakras and crystal healing and meditation?





Sam and Jessica,

You both asked questions pertaining to “New Age” related topics, so I wanted to answer these questions together.

New Age is not really a religion as much as a “spiritual” belief system; largely a mish-mash of neo-paganism and Eastern religions. You’ll find beliefs such as reincarnation (which is counter to the Plan of Salvation and the role of our Savior), denial of the divinity of Christ, transcendental meditation, spirit “channeling” (some would say demonic possession), energy healing, and more. Here is a good reference for questions members of the church may have about New Age beliefs: Are the so-called New Age spiritual beliefs opposed to Christ?

These beliefs fall into the “occult category. They don’t jibe with Christianity, and following in these paths can only lead one away from Christ and off the covenant path.

As for crystals and healing, while there may be a placebo effect for some, the idea is simply not supported by science. I think the danger here is whether you believe in it so strongly that you center upon a crystal rather than Christ.

As for the “third eye,” I believe the church policy manual under 38.6.12 provides a clear warning for Latter-Day Saints. We should avoid anything occult like the plague it is (Church Guidelines and policies).

We have received a lot of counsel recently from our living prophet and apostles to learn to “hear Him,” to learn to receive personal revelation. Instead of considering the third eye, you would do much better to focus on the actual gifts of the light of Christ and the gift of the Holy Ghost. The real thing is always better than the counterfeit.






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