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I have one brother and one sister who have been very strong in the church  and slowly have been led astray by a couple of different apostate groups. One by a polygamy group and the other recently by Gale Porate. My question. What can we as LDS members to watch out for and be aware of so we can not let this happen to us?  Thank you for your many ideas.






First, remain active in church, second, pray for guidance from God at all times. Third, pay close heed to the words of the General Authorities and especially the current living prophet.

Another tool is to check possible apostate statements against what General Authorities have said regarding the matter, such as General Conference talks, etc.

Finally, remain close to the Spirit. The Holy Ghost is given to us all for these express times; when we are at risk of being led astray, we must seek as strong a connection with Heavenly Father as we can maintain.

Also, keep in mind the source; God has a chosen prophet, and he will not send truth for the whole world, or the whole church through another person first. Anyone who claims to know better than the Prophet is someone to be wary of.

Spiritual deception is tricky and is done a little at a time. It is typically done with philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. At first, something will ‘make sense’ and then you accept it as truth. Then more and more philosophies are later accepted as ‘truth’… until a complete falling away and apostatizing from the truths that we know, hold and honor.

A spiritually diligent person cannot be led astray. This includes heartfelt daily prayers, scripture study, church attendance and participation, temple attendance, fulfilling one’s callings and serving as home/visiting teachers. Yes, it’s a long list of things, but it’s easy when you have the desire to do them.







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