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I am wondering how or if one could have a Priesthood blessing given to their unborn child. There are many instances where the mother is doing fine but the baby is not and with technology sometimes babies can even receive surgery prior to birth. Would one be able to place hands on the mothers stomach and bless the baby directly or would one give the mother a blessing? If it comes through the mother would the Elder be able to invoke blessings directly to the baby or would it be more appropriate to direct the blessing to the mother?

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Because there is no official church standing or official priesthood ordinance for such a blessing, I will offer my opinion.

Mormon Priesthood blessingsIn my opinion, I would give the mother a blessing. This would be consistent with the ordinances that have been revealed to us on the proper use of the priesthood. I think the blessing should be directed towards the mother as the caregiver and vessel of life for the child.

I will also say that the Lord hears ALL our prayers, no matter what form they take. But to invoke the blessings of the priesthood, I would stick as close to the revealed ordinances as possible.


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