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I believe that I am one of the rare people who can sense spirits. Example, I have walked to other’s homes or general buildings and had an instant knowledge as to whether there is good there or not (not necessarily the people themselves but I seem to sense an “over-riding” presence or emotion or something). I know that this ability can be used by the adversary and I try to be watchful for signs of his presence; and I plan to reread D&C 129 when I’m through here. My question is that I have a feeling that one of the three Nephites who was asked by Jesus to remain until His return has come to see me several times. Do you think this is possible or could it be a trick? I have not felt any urge to veer from God’s path when he is near. Please answer directly, if you can (though you can post it too). Concern has entered my mind that he is not who I feel him to be.






I don’t think it’s out of the question, but I do think the experience needs to be examined very carefully, prayerfully even.

In general terms, when we have a great spiritual experience, we tend to recognize it quickly. There are times we may need to look back on it before we realize what happened, but the key to it all is the core of what I want to discuss with you, and that is the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

I can recall two specific times in my life the Holy Ghost spoke to me in an unmistakable way. One was in confirmation of prayer, and another was in warning me of great spiritual danger. Both times were quite different in relation to each other, both in situation and what I was feeling at the time. What they have in common is that both times I had no doubt at all who was speaking to me, and what was being said. No audible voice was heard, but the message was crystal clear.

Another part of this is what we are to do once we have had a great spiritual experience. Sometimes the greatest spiritual experiences of our lives are for us alone, and are to be kept private. After some events in his ministry, Jesus told those present to not tell anyone about what happened.

I’m not saying that your experience is one of them, but it certainly could be. Prayerfully seeking your answer is the best tool you have. God will never mislead you, and if it was indeed one of the Three Nephites, he will let you know at the right time.






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