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Is it possible to get baptized as a commitment to follow Christ, but not join any particular church?





Dear Bri,

There may be someone out there who would offer you that service, the question is what would it mean?  If you ask someone for directions on how to get some where and then ignore the directions you are given, how can you expect to arrive at your destination?  What is a “commitment to follow Christ” worth if you ignore the manner in which He, Himself, has asked you to follow Him?  That’s kind of like telling someone you want to follow them and then heading off in a different direction than they are.  Can you go to a University, refuse to take the classes they require and still expect to get a degree?  Can you get a driver’s license without taking (and passing) the required tests?

Perhaps you should ponder why you want to “follow Christ” but not really follow Him.  He has made His wishes clear.  He specified by His example the manner that we should be baptized.  He also gave us very clear instructions on who has the authority to baptize.  In other words, your friend might print up a fake driver’s license for you, but if you get pulled over do you really think a police officer will accept it?  Christ has also by His example, and by His words, both His own and through His prophets, clarified that baptism is only the beginning.  It’s the first step of a long, and wonderful journey to become more like Him.

Bri, the Lord loves you with a perfect love.  And because He loves you so much, He has outlined the way to happiness.  He won’t force you though, you get to chose whether you will truly follow the example and path He has set or not.  I hope that you will follow Him.





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