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I am confused over the position of the star in the windows of the Nauvoo Temple. From what I have found, it sounds as if the inverted star is a satanic symbol. What have I misread or interpreted? Thanks.





The five-pointed star has a rich history of symbolism. The inverted five-pointed star has one as well. No doubt it is known today for its connection to occults and Satanic worship. What is forgotten is that the inverted star has a far richer history as a symbol for Christ.

In the inverted postition it was called “The Morning Star” and was intended as a symbol for Christ. The five points of the star represented the five wounds Christ suffered on the cross. Another variation was an inverted five-point star with the lower point elongated downward. This was especially indicative of Christ and represented his condescension, or willingness to leave heaven and live among men to accomplish the Atonement.

Along with the Nauvoo Temple, the symbol is also used on the Salt Lake Temple and Logan Temple as well as other temples. The use of the symbol is all over many Catholic Cathederals throughout Europe as well as artwork dating back centuries to the earliest times of Christianity on historical record.

However, the association of the symbol with the occult didn’t even begin unil the mid-nineteenth century. Unfortunately, the most recent association seems to be the strongest, nevermind the fact that it hasn’t even been 200 years yet.

So, I took the long way around for this answer, but in brief, the stars represent Christ when in the inverted position, and when in the normal position, they represent the stars of heaven, or the Telestial Kingdom. Incidentally, the circles around the inverted stars represent eternity, as the circle has no beginning or end.


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