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What is the Church’s stance on medicinal marijuana?





Dear Terry,

When the Utah State Legislature was considering two bills on medical marijuana the Church did issue a statement.  It said in part:

“While we are not in a position to evaluate specific medical claims, the Church understands that there are some individuals who may benefit from the medical use of compounds found in marijuana. For that reason, although the Church opposes SB 73, it has raised no objection to SB 89. These two competing pieces of legislation take very different approaches when it comes to issues like access, distribution, control and the potential harm of the hallucinogenic compound, THC.


In addition to the therapeutic, treatment, and control questions, there are several other important issues to be resolved.  At the forefront is that the use of medical marijuana is still illegal under federal law.  We agree with groups such as the American Medical Association, who have said (see the AMA policy below) that further study is warranted before significant public policy decisions on marijuana are advanced. For these reasons, the Church urges a cautious approach.”

You can read the full statement here: Church Urges ‘Cautious Approach’ on Medical Marijuana Issue in Utah

So, the Church appears to have several concerns on the matter which include medical necessity, potential for abuse and addiction, as well as current federal legal status among others.  None of these concerns seem to be based on the implications of the Word of Wisdom.  To my knowledge, the Church has not yet made any theological/religious statement regarding the medical use of marijuana vis-a-vis the Word of Wisdom.





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