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Dear Gramps,

I am confused with the death of Sherem. Why is it that even though he recognized his sinful ways and was deceived of the devil that he died immediately after? Why is denying Christ an unpardonable sin? I feel like I hear people denying Christ all the time. Are they all lost forever? How come the atonement doesn’t apply in this situation?






I need to point out that the unpardonable sin is not denying Christ, it’s denying the Holy Ghost.  (Jacob 7:19) Sherem believes that the unpardonable sin he committed was lying to God (denying Christ is one of the ways he lied to God).

We don’t really get any insight into why Sherem died.  Was he an old man who died from the stress of this experience?  Did God condemn him to death but give him time to repent and make restitution?  If so, death at this point may have been merciful – to save him from further sin. It seems like once a person has gone this far, it’s hard for them to not go back to the same sins (per similar stories in the Book of Mormon).   Or was it something else?

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So again Natalee, denying Christ isn’t an unforgiveable sin.  Denying the Holy Ghost is.  I hope this helps you to understand this better.






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