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Hey Gramps,

What’s the difference between becoming Kings or Queens and becoming Priests or Priestesses?





Hello Cam,

Thank you for your question. Through a variety of sources such as: church talks, lesson manuals and even in the temple we may hear the terms “kings and priests” and “queens and priestesses.” These terms describe the potential that each one of us may personally obtain some day through our faithfulness. Brethren have the potential of becoming a “king and priest” and Sisters have the potential of becoming a “queen and priestess” in the kingdom of God.


Regarding Sisters


1. In a book published by the church called, “Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of the Relief Society” we find a quote by President Joseph Fielding Smith, the tenth President of the Church:

“It is within the privilege of the sisters of this Church to receive exaltation in the kingdom of God and receive authority and power as queens and priestesses.”

2. In addition, Elder Bruce R. McConkie in Mormon Doctrine states:

“Those women who go on to their exaltation, ruling and reigning with husbands who are kings and priests, will themselves be queens and priestesses. They will hold positions of power, authority, and preferment in eternity.”

3. In the Young Woman’s Journal 25, Elder James E. Talmage says:

“Woman shall yet come to her own, exercising her rights and her privileges as a sanctified investiture which none shall dare profane. Then shall woman reign by Divine right, a queen in the resplendent realm of her glorified state, even as exalted man shall stand, priest and king unto the Most High God. Mortal eye cannot see nor mind comprehend the beauty, glory, and majesty of a righteous woman made perfect in the celestial kingdom of God.”



Regarding Brothers


1. President John Taylor, 3rd President of the Church said in his book, “Meditation and Atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,”

“Thus shall we also become legitimately and by right, through the atonement and adoption, Kings and Priests – Priests to administer in the holy ordinances pertaining to the endowments and exaltations; and Kings, under Christ, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to rule and govern,according to the eternal laws of justice and equity, those are thus redeemed and exalted.”

2. In the scriptures, Doctrine and Covenants 76:56, we read:

55. They are they into whose hands the Father has given all things
56. They are they who are priests and kings, who have received of his fulness, and of his glory:


Regarding Couples


1.  Elder Hugh B. Brown in You and Your Marriage states:

“Celestial Marriage enables worthy parents to perform a transcendentally beautiful and vital service as priest and priestess in the temple of the home. This training will help to prepare them for the exalted position of king and queen in the world to come, where they may reign over their posterity in an ever-expanding kingdom.”

So to answer your question, what is the difference between Kings/Queens and becoming Priests/Priestesses?

Kings and Queens: refers to one who has the divine right to rule and lead. A royal office/position of exalted beings, acting as rulers of their individual/personal spheres in the eternal kingdoms. These positions are that of a governmental organization. God rules over the universe, while a king and queen rule as subordinates over a smaller portion/division of our Heavenly Father’s universe.

Priests and Priestesses: refers to one who leads and administers by the power and authority of the holy priesthood. These are they who rule/administer in their eternal kingdoms as part of the priesthood organization.

As described throughout the Book of Mormon, some Kings also officiated in Priestly duties, thus forming a governmental & ecclesiastical priesthood organization. This is different from what we are used to in modern times, where there was no separation of church and state. In these cases an individual served as both the temporal (King) and religious (Priest) leader of his people.

Our divine potential as Kings/Priests & Queens/Priestesses is a wonderful possibility, an opportunity to: receive authority and power, to rule and reign in righteousness for eternity along with our Father in Heaven. May we all do our best to live up to this potential each day.

Thank you again for your question Cam.





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