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Hello Gramps,

I am confused. There are just too many faiths. Actually they all accept the fact we are spiritual beings and we are here for just a while. Do we really need religions? Because somehow I think Jesus wasn’t for organized religions but spiritual freedom, just like children!





Dear Charles,

Let’s do a little supposing. Suppose that there is a God who is the literal Father of the spirits of all people. Let’s suppose that He desires that all his children enjoy the maximum happiness during their lives in mortality and that when they die they will return to live with Him. But the Father lives in a world where there is only perfection, and any concept of selfishness, ego, pride, or any form of avarice cannot be tolerated there. So the Father God called certain very righteous people to represent Him to the rest of the people, and instructed those people in the manner that men could change their lives to qualify to live with God after they die. He also organized them into study groups so that they could efficiently learn the way of life and salvation, and receive mutual support from one another as they pursued their common goal.

Satan, who is the adversary of all righteousness, in an attempt to destroy the work of God that was designed to bring His children back into His presence, set up many counterfeit organizations that taught principles that would appeal to the interests of many, but which did not have the power nor the authority to perfect or redeem men.

Now all those above suppositions are true. There is the need for such an organization to teach men the truth and lead them back to the presence of God. That is what God’s Church is. There is only one such organization that is sponsored by and has the approval of God. All the rest have some truths but not ALL truths.  So we need God’s religion to bring us back into His presence. That religion is centered in the great atoning sacrifice of the Savior and Redeemer of mankind, who is Jesus Christ the Lord, the only begotten Son of the Father, who accepted before God the responsibility for all the bad things that all people do. He paid the price for all those sins demanded by an eternal justice, so that if any individual would conform his life to the dictates of the Savior or his apostolic representatives those sins would not be charged to his account, and he would be forgiven for having committed them and would be allowed enter into the presence of God his Father and live forever in complete joy, happiness and perfection. Hence the need for the Church of Jesus Christ.






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