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Hey Gramps!

So I was just wondering. Do you have to be dressed up to give a priesthood blessing? I have friends that whenever they give one they first dress up. I have had other moments when my friends haven’t. ┬áIs it needed?





Dear Dallin,

Dressing in one’s “church” best is not required to exercise the priesthood. It is a simple matter of respect to do so. It is showing respect and honor for what the priesthood is. Some who hold the priesthood, I believe, may fail to understand what a blessing it is to do so, and therefore may not bother to treat it with the respect due. Of course, we cannot translate every instance where someone does not put on a tie before giving a blessing to mean they aren’t respecting their priesthood. First, we all see respect differently, and some may not see the putting on of a tie as requisite to that. Secondly, we don’t always know who does and who does not have access or time to change prior to a blessing. And third, we generally should not judge others, but only consider our own choices and actions in these matters.

As for me, I will, whenever possible, put on a white shirt and a tie to give a priesthood blessing. To me this is one way of showing that I hold a deep reverence for the priesthood. But there have been times when, for whatever reason, I have not done so. If, for example, I am visiting someone casually and they ask for a blessing on the spot, I probably would not run home for a tie. If I’m at home and someone calls and ask for a blessing, I’ll throw on a tie every time.

I think there is a basic level of wisdom that we ought to apply to these things. But I do think we should also do what we can to show the Lord how we value the priesthood he has given us.





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