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I’m trying to find a quote about measurable goals. I believe that it was a general authority who said that goals need to be measurable, or that they are not as effective if they are not measurable. I’ve searched the search and internet extensively and have not found it. Do you have ideas about this quote, and who, if anyone, said it?
Johnny B. from Oregon

Dear Johnny,
Here are a couple of quotes that may speak to your concern—

“The harmony of grace and works was an important element of the latter-day restoration of the true doctrine; however, Church members of the new dispensation are naturally inclined to overemphasize works, in contrast to prevalent sectarian doctrines of salvation by grace alone. Our propensity to rely so heavily on works also reflects our present technological, behavioristic society, which places so much emphasis on achievement. We almost worship “all we can do.” In business, we measure success by the bottom line. In education, the behaviorist tradition promotes a technical training model that demands specific, measurable outcomes. Such behaviorism works well for goals that are concrete, visible, and rule driven” (Dawn Hall Anderson and Susette Fletcher Green, eds., Women in the Covenant of Grace: Talks Selected from the 1993 Women’s Conference Sponsored by Brigham Young University and the Relief Society, p.264)

“Alan’s changed life is reflected in his goals for personal growth and Church service. He finds measurable fulfillment of such goals not only in the usual day-to-day activities but also as a student at Brigham Young University, as part of a BYU show touring the Orient, and as a member of “The Free Agency” group which entertains and inspires the youth of the Church” (Hartman Rector, Jr., and Connie Rector, No More Strangers,1:, p.90).


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