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I used to be a Mormon when I was younger, but for personal reasons I left the church. Now I am a teenager and wondering how I can be a part of the church. However, no one in my family is LDS and I have moved so I would be going to a different church and I don’t know how to contact anyone to get in. If you could give me any advice that would be really helpful. Thank you for your time.






It is always good to hear about people wishing to return.  It is really quite easy.  Most people who worry about being able to return, find that when they do, a lot of their worries and fears were groundless.

The Church makes it really easy to find the ward that covers your geographical area.  You simply go to about midway down the page you will find a Quick Links Section.  One of those links is Meeting House Locator.  Click on it.  Enter your address or nearest cross streets into the search bar and let it search.

Here is a link to the meetinghouse locator.

It should return the physical address of the Church, the time of the meetings and the name and phone number of the bishop.  At that point you have all the information you need to return.  I am a fan of just showing up and attending the meetings, but if you like, you could also try calling the bishop and introducing yourself and asking any questions you might have.

The biggest thing about returning is to simply to get in the door and take part.  Everything else will follow from that.






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