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Dear Gramps,

For the past three years I have been an inactive member. During this time Satan had total control over me and I have broken The Word of Wisdom as well as having had premarital sex. I was very unhappy with the lifestyle choices I have made and I know if I return to church I will see the light again. Due to a recent traumatic experience I realized that I truly want to return to church. Will I have to get rebaptized? I was sealed to my family when I was fifteen. I don’t know if this information will effect me getting baptized again or not.






Excommunication is a last resort in the process of repentance. It takes away the blessings of belonging to the Church due to our breaking our covenants.

You have confessed to me about some of the things that you have done. However, I am not your priesthood authority. That would be your Bishop. You need to confess to him of your sins.

This is a great blessing for you. To be able to confess to a judge in Israel, and to receive guidance, counsel and forgiveness from the Church is a great relief, rather than always wondering your standing with the Lord and His Church.

Partaking of the sacrament is how we renew our baptismal covenants. I would ask the Bishop for counsel on this. He may request that you not partake of the sacrament unworthily for a period of time. This is to help you understand the importance of the sacrament as well as the blessing of being able to partake of it each week.

If you have made temple covenants, then the doctrine “of much is given, much is required” comes even more into view in the process of repentance. Members who have sinned against their temple covenants have sinned against a higher law and may require other steps for repentance.

I hope this helps.







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