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Dear Gramps,
I have been a member of the Mormon Church my whole life, and I’ve known my whole life that the Church is true and it’s the only true Church of Jesus Christ. Because I’ve just always known that the Church is true I’ve never actually had the spirit say “This is true, this is your personal witness” like so many people I know have said happens. I have never truly doubted the Spirit or Heavenly Father, but I was just wondering. Have I never had this happen because I already know that this is true, or that I’m not ready to hear it? Or I haven’t been in the right mind set to receive the witness? I don’t know.. but a little insight would be great.
Laura, from Utah


Dear Laura,
Have you ever asked the Father for confirmation of your feelings? If you desire such a manifestation, repeated sincere faithful prayer would be the key. I would also suggest that you may study yet again the Book of Mormon. Do so with perhaps a specific objective in mind, such as searching all the references on a topic of interest. Each time you open the book, ask the Father to reveal to you that it is indeed a true record. You may receive the confirmation that you seek.




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