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Dear Gramps,
I’m a senior in high school. In seminary, we are currently learning about Israel’s bondage in Egypt. Recently, I have studied some very mysterious findings and research on the Great Pyramids. How are these findings related to Israel? If Israel built the pyramids, how did they do it? The thought seems impossible.
Tyler, from Gilbert, Arizona

Dear Tyler,
The thought that the children of Israel while captive in Egypt built the pyramids seems impossible, and indeed it is. Jacob and his family, fleeing the drought in Canaan, came down into Egypt in 1706 BC, and the exodus occurred in 1491. This was during the 18th Egyptian dynasty. It appears that the exodus occurred during the reign of the Pharoah Thothmes III. Rather than building pyramids, Thothmes III spent his time conquering the known world. Although the dates of Egyptian chronology are quite uncertain, it appears that the great pyramid near Gizeh, for instance, was built well before the family of Jacob came into Egypt. So it appears that the children of Israel while slaves in Egypt, were involved in construction projects, i.e., making bricks with and without straw, but such bricks were never used in the construction of pyramids. So I am afraid that rather than building the Egyptian pyramids the children of Israel while in Egypt were involved in much more menial projects.

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