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Dear Gramps,

Last month I was baptized into the Mormon Church. I would like to know if it is appropriate for a Mormon family to display in their home a picture of The Last Supper. I notice that this is not a picture sold in the local Mormon bookstore.





Dear Barbara,

Congratulations on your new membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Since you are a new member, let me suggest something to you about this column. We are happy to give our opinion on matters that people write in about, and we will attempt to answer your question; but this column is nothing more or less than the opinion of one individual, without any authoritative connection to the Mormon Church. (In fact, it was started merely as a family affair, to try to answer some of the questions of my own grandchildren, but has grown like Topsy to something unrelated to its original purpose). If you have any concerns as you begin your travels in the Lord’s kingdom (and, by the way, it will be an exciting and eye-opening journey, whose destination is even beyond our own imagination) the place to go for the answers to all your questions is to your own bishop. He has been ordained and set apart with special gifts of discernment, and is actually the Lord’s representative to the members of his ward. He will give you authoritative answers to all your questions.

Now to a non-authoritative answer: There are no restrictions in the Church to displaying in the home any representation of the Savior or of his activities. There is no doubt in my mind that the great artists and the composers of great music were inspired by the Lord in their work, and have done much to elevate and ennoble mankind; and we can be lifted toward God by our appreciation of their great work.






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