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I have been told that you should only get one blessing for an illness and that you just have to have faith in it. Is this true?  Does this mean that if you are given a blessing to start a new school year, job, or new calling you shouldn’t ask for another when you are struggling?






My response is limited to the information and context you have provided. At face value, your first sentence provides a duality of both correct and incorrect information. It is true that we should exercise faith in the blessings we receive. If we were all perfect in action (faith, hope, and charity) that appears to be an accurate sentiment. We would only need one blessing, exercise faith in that blessing, and then move forward. Remember though, the Lord can inspire a person to seek another blessing for the same issue. If a person has progressed in faith and hope, seeks the Lord, the Lord very well may inspire the heart and mind to receive another blessing. In that light though, let me provide an experience of a friend.

My friend was struggling. My friend received a priesthood blessing, and after the blessing she did what she felt she could but was still struggling. She asked for another blessing, and she received another blessing. Over time she was still struggling, and requested another blessing. In that blessing she received the following counsel, “When you begin acting upon the promises and counsel of the blessing you will receive what you are looking for.” She understood the blessing to mean that, at that moment, she wasn’t following the counsel received, and the moment she did she would receive the promised blessings. Once she had followed, then the Lord could provide her with more guidance. She then paid more attention to the blessings counsel and promises and began seeking for them.

If we feel inspired to receive another blessing, or simply need additional comfort, we shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a blessing (even if we received one previously). At the same time, we should be diligent in following the instruction, guidance, and counsel given. I hope that clarifies your first sentence.

I wonder though if the counsel you received regarding more than one blessing may steam from the anointing. When a person is sick, ill, there are two parts to the blessing: the anointing with oil and then sealing of the anointing accompanied by a blessing. There were ideas of thought that once the anointing and sealing had taken place that an additional blessing was no longer required; however, this wasn’t the case. The instruction received from priesthood leaders is that a person could seek an additional blessing (if they were still sick), but an anointing was no longer needed as it would carry through. The word “carry” may not be the best word, but you get the idea.

As pertaining to the second statement and question, I believe what has been shared has answered this also, if not, let me repeat it again. No, if you feel you need a blessing ask for one. If you want an additional blessing during school (although you received one at the beginning) ask for one.






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