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Is there a reference that people with the Spirit of Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost can heal people with faith? My granddaughter who is on a mission got this question and needs an answer. I told her that LDS do not have a lock on faith and healing but on the Plan of Salvation and covenants that go with it.






Healing is a gift of the Spirit, and God can heal whomever He pleases. And miracles happen by faith. So yes, anyone who has faith, according to God’s will, may be healed.

1 Cor. Chapter 12 speaks of these gifts.

As far as healing goes, no one of any power or authority heals another. God heals them. But those who hold the Priesthood have the specific right to act in the name of God. That does not give them the exclusive right to the gifts of the spirit, but it does mean that they have rights to speak authoritatively in many matters.

But you’re fairly spot on in your suggestions. Latter-day Saints do not have a specific lock on faith and healing. We do have a lock on authority and ordinances. So healing exclusivity…no…but healing by ordinance exclusivity…yes. ¬†How does this translate practically? I don’t know. I expect if someone from another church stands up and proclaims the authority to heal, then it’s only words…because they do not have the authority. But if the afflicted person has faith and turns to God, might God not heal them accordingly? Yes. So would we never see healings by faith outside the LDS Church? Seems a stretch, right?






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