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My grown son says that a socialist society is the same as living the Law of Consecration. I don’t believe it is but would like to understand how to explain the differences.






If one focuses solely on the external results and goals (like your son appears to be) then yes the Law of Consecration and a Socialist Society appear be very much the same.  But the older I get the more I have come to realize that while results matter, how you get there also matters, and in some cases matters more.  Or to put it simply ‘the ends do not justify the means.’

The Law of Consecration is totally voluntary, just like all of the rest of the gospel.  It is a chance for members to develop charity and to serve God by serving and helping our fellow man.  As they do so, they become more Christ-like and more aware of the needs around them which they try to help fill.  This is God’s plan for us because that is what He does and He wants us to become more like him.

The membership of Christ’s Church has always struggled with this to some degree or another.  Historically, the church has made many attempts and those attempts have failed because the individuals have not been ready to do it.  The Church has not given up in trying to help us get ready. See the recent push on Ministering…  If we truly get ministering then the economic aspect will follow along.

The Law of Consecration is God’s plan.  When we know this we should not at all be surprised that Satan has a counterfeit. A plan that ‘promises’ to save everyone while removing freedom and accountability.  A counterfeit plan that looks really good but ultimately will fail to bring to past “the immortality and eternal life of man”

The variations of a Socialistic Society is Satan’s counterfeit.  It gives the promise that everyone will be taken care of, but that an individual does not have to worry about anyone.  You go to work and you pay taxes and “the government” takes care of everything else. Assuming this works… how does it help an individual develop charity and become more Christ-like? When we are judged and Christ asks us how we became more like him… I do not think the answer “I paid my taxes” is going to work for us.

Because the natural man will realize that they do not need to work or do anything to benefit, and the natural man is inherently lazy, so people will stop working.  Socialistic programs do not address this (other then forced labor). As more people stop working the Socialistic System must bloat, and take more taxes, reduce benefits, and become even more inefficient.  This continues until the system runs out of taxes and other resources it can take from the people and crashes.     And since it is not voluntary (try not paying taxes and see what happens) you can’t get out and it takes you down with it.

Satan’s counterfeits will ultimately fail because they are not really about helping people, even though that is the way they will try to sell it.  Its about gaining power over others.  Sadly too many people see God’s way and complain it is too hard and they are willing to accept the lies of an easier way.

So let break down the differences.

With the Law of Consecration we are to be dependent on God.

With Socialism we are to be dependent on the Government.

With the Law of Consecration, everything we have and are belongs to God and He can tell us how to use it and how to live, including taking all of our personal things and our lives should He decide to do so.

With Socialism everything we have and are belongs to the Government and they can tell us how to use it and  how to live, including taking all of our personal things and our lives should they decide to do so.

So I hope that make it clear how its a very clear counterfeit and attack on God’s plan.  In an attempt to gain power and control that rightfully belongs in God’s wise and benevolent hands.

If you would like to learn more, or hear it from a more official source then some stranger on the internet I recommend these two talks by Marion G. Romney

Socialism and the United Order

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