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As someone who loves beards, I am curious, do you suppose we will ever see them sported by general authorities in the future? Why or why not? Thanks!






There is no right or wrong answer to this question because facial hair, such as beards, has not been declared sinful.  People’s responses to beards (and other facial hair) are the result of cultural shifts and changes. The Church responded to said changes in culture but not any declared word of God on the subject of sinfulness (or lack thereof) of facial hair.  There is no revelation or doctrine that requires such either way. We see this in the very clear differences between the earlier church leaders and the more modern ones.

However, there has been a culture in the Church and even some policies regarding facial hair.  Both the policies and the culture can change.  But unlike aspects of worldly culture that might change to be more accepting of sin (which the Church must hold a line against), facial hair does not have that problem. It can change without embracing sin.

The culture of the Church can change as the rising generation determines for themselves what the significance of facial hair means.  As this rising generation takes up leadership duties in the Church, they will carry with them their understanding of the subject and it will influence the Church, its policies and practices.

So yes, it is possible that one day we might see a General Authority with a beard.  If it happens it will undoubtedly generate a lot of talk and conversation.  But it will be totally meaningless in the ability of the General Authority to do his calling.





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