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Dear Gramps,

Of what value is great physical beauty if the inside is what’s important?  Why did the Lord even create great physical beauty when He only looks upon and judges us according to the heart?  He must have had a reason or else He would not have created it.  And yet many are never blessed with it. We are constantly being told it is not relevant and de-emphasized by leaders within the church. Okay. So why even have it in the first place?






There is opposition in all things. In order for us to understand things like righteousness, holiness, and beauty we have to experience the opposite; wickedness, evilness, and ugliness. So this world and the people in it are full of all kinds of opposites to give us the experience and to test how we respond to them.

On the subject of physical beauty, we have a natural tendency to be attracted to things or people that we find beautiful. And we tend to give beauty a higher or more preferred status then its merits might otherwise deserve. So in many ways physical beauty is very much a test. Are we going to be blinded by it? Or are we going to look past it and think the way God does?






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