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There is a story in History of Joseph Smith about David Whitmer’s fields being mysteriously plowed and sown by three men. Is it possible that these three men were the three Nephites?





Dear Rosanne,

The story in Church History is this:

A late May planting was essential for successful fall crops; therefore, David Whitmer had to plow and prepare the soil before he could take his two-horse wagon to pick up Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. At the end of a day of plowing he found he had accomplished in one day what normally would have taken two days to do. David’s father was likewise impressed by this apparent miracle. Peter Whitmer, Sr., said, “There must be an overruling hand in this, and I think you would better go down to Pennsylvania as soon as your plaster of paris is sown.”(Plaster of paris was used to reduce the acidity of the soil.) The next day David went to the fields to sow the plaster, but to his surprise he found the work had been done. His sister, who lived near the field, said that her children had called her to watch three strangers the day before spread the plaster with remarkable skill. She assumed they were men David had hired.

It is a very interesting story, but as to your question. Yes it is possible that these three men were the three Nephites. They seem the most likely and they are most often credited when people talk about it. There are however also other possibilities. It could have been any other three translated beings (Enoch has a city full of them) or it could have been simply been three mortals that the Lord inspired to help out with the work.





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