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Was there a prophet in the on the earth at the time of the Saviour’s birth.





Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for your question.  The answer to your question is – yes. One can read the account of the prophet, on the earth at the time of the Savior’s birth, in the Book of Mormon.  3 Nephi 1 takes place during the Savior’s birth. Similar to the Biblical account, the chapter heading in 3 Nephi reads:

The night of Christ’s birth arrives—The sign is given, and a new star arises (vs.21)

The title for 3 Nephi states:

The Book of Nephi the Son of Nephi, Who Was the Son of Helaman

Then reading on the Church’s website it elaborates on who was Nephi, son of Nephi, son of Helaman. Here we learn:

Nephi, Son of Nephi, Son of Helaman


One of the twelve Nephite disciples chosen by the resurrected Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon (3 Ne. 1:2–3; 19:4). This prophet prayed mightily to the Lord in behalf of his people. Nephi heard the voice of the Lord (3 Ne. 1:11–14). Nephi was also visited by angels, cast out devils, raised his brother from the dead, and bore a testimony that could not be disbelieved (3 Ne. 7:15–19; 19:4). Nephi kept the scriptural record (3 Ne. 1:2–3).

I hope this helps Elizabeth and encourages you to learn even more about the Savior.  Thank you for your question.






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