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I am an endowed member of the church. I own T-shirt style garment tops and have found that it is not comfortable wearing bras over them. Is it okay that I wear my bras underneath the garment tops?  I still dress modestly and do not alter the garments in any way.  I have heard conflicting opinions on this topic. Some say the garments should only touch our skin. Others say you can wear your bra in whatever way is comfortable.






This is a decision that you can reach on your own. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing the garments in the most comfortable manner. The standard caveat to this is so long as ‘comfortable’ doesn’t mean changing their dimensions, or wearing them in a manner that reduces the intended areas of coverage.

There are, of course, several reasons we are asked to wear the garments at all, let alone underneath our clothing. I have a strong feeling the Lord would have no issue with you wearing a bra underneath your garment top. To my male understanding, it only makes sense that that’s how it would be done. I simply never thought that doing otherwise would be sensible, let alone comfortable. Next time you are at the temple talk to the temple matron regarding your concerns.

However, before someone thinks I’m passing judgment, it’s really nobody else’s business how you wear your garments. It is a matter between yourself and the Lord. As long as you feel you can honestly say you are obediently keeping your covenants to the best of your ability, that is sufficient. Figure out what arrangement is most comfortable and practical and go with it.






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