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What is known about Abraham going to Egypt and teaching the Egyptians about the stars and solar systems? It mentions it in the Pearl of Great Price. Why did they believe him? They obviously valued this information as the kings used this to build their pyramids. What did he teach them? Is it recorded anywhere? Why did he do this-was he paid or instructed from the Lord?
Bobbye, from Indiana

Dear Bobbye,
When Abraham journeyed with his family to Egypt, fleeing from the effects of the famine, you will remember how he told Sarah to tell the Egyptians that she was his sister, and not reveal that she was his wife, in order that his life would be spared. Sarah was taken to Pharaoh’s court, along with her company, and it was the plan of Pharaoh to make Sarah one of his wives. However,

the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai Abram’s wife (Gen 12:17).

When Pharaoh’s own priests and gods could not cure him, he realized his plight and asked for Abraham’s blessings. Abraham prayed for the Pharaoh and he and his household were all healed. Thus the pharaoh gave Abraham many gifts (Gen 12:16) and invited him sit on his throne, as depicted in figure 7 of Facsimile No., 2 in the Book of Abraham. It was from this position of honor that Abraham was able to teach astronomy to the Egyptians, as the Lord had promised him before he entered Egypt—

And the Lord said unto me: Abraham, I show these things unto thee before ye go into Egypt, that ye may declare all these words (Abr 3:15).

The things that the Lord showed to Abraham, and what he taught to the Pharaoh are the things of astronomy that the Lord revealed to him, as recorded in the first part of Chapter 3 in the Book of Abraham.


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