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Dear Gramps,

I am a member but I have always wondered what the Mormon Church has said about abortion. Thanks, Gramps!





Dear Ashley,

The taking of a human life, either before or after birth, is a grievous sin. The fact that many people in our modern society promote and practice this diabolical activity in no way lessens the severity of the offense before God. President Spencer W. Kimball has said,

Abortion is a serious sin. There is such a close relationship between the taking of a life and the taking of an embryonic child, between murder and abortion, that we would hope that mortal men would not presume to take the frightening responsibility (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p.188).

We read the following specific information regarding abortion in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism,

Abortion is one of the most revolting and sinful practices of this day. Members must not submit to, be a party to, or perform an abortion. The only exceptions are when-


1. Pregnancy has resulted from incest or rape;


2. The life or health of the woman is in jeopardy, in the opinion of competent medical authority; or


3. The fetus is known, by competent medical authority, to have severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth (Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Vol.3).

The God-given gift of life is precious. To prevent its occurrence or to terminate its existence is classed among the most serious of sins. Their seriousness is related to the fact that life is precious. However, the precious nature of life is not manifest only in coming into or going out of the world. Those two acts are but the beginning and the end. Between those two end points is the daily walk of the individual. Understanding the precious nature of life, we should use the utmost care not to damage or harm it in any way. If we could feel a genuine love for our Father’s other children we would extend ourselves in their behalf. The question of being kind just to those who in our opinion would merit our kindness would not be an issue. We would treat equally well all of our Father’s children. The Savior’s love and compassion was extended not to just the worthy, but to all humanity. To treat anyone in an unseemly manner in some way negates our appreciation for and understanding of the great atoning sacrifice of the Son of God.






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