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I have been a member for over a year now. I liked the moments leading to my baptism and a few months after that. I could feel people genuinely interested in my family. I was wondering why does interest fade so quickly ? Why do they not call us any more? What can a new member do here? Also,sometimes I feel like going inactive because of it.  Please help.  Thanks,





Dear Arsene,

I’m sorry you are feeling hurt by this.  I believe that the members of your ward do still care about you.  If you had a serious illness in your family, they would rally around you once again.  Things that are out of the ordinary (like someone who is new or someone who is ill) tend to capture peoples attention.

It is now your turn to look for someone who needs your help; a new member, a less-active member, someone who is hurting (physically or emotionally).  You have been shown love and attention, now it is your turn to “pay it forward.”

Remember Arsene, people are human, and that means they make mistakes.  Sometimes they will let you down.  But the Lord will not let you down.  He will never get distracted and forget about you.  He is always there watching over you, ready to listen and respond to your needs and prayers.  He is the one you should lean on.  He is the reason for you to attend church.  He wants you to feed His sheep.  Keep your focus on Him, and the actions (or inactions) of your fellow ward members will be less painful to you.





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