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This is not really a question, but a statement. A question was asked about tithing, and how this couple was reprimanded for not paying such money. I disagree with the answer to the question. Yes, I do believe it is important. I am a new convert to the church and was brought up that once a year you pay 10% of your annual income to the church. But in my case, I do not have the luxury of being able to pay. I am a single parent with a limited income. I go to church to hear the gospel, to learn, and to enjoy. I do not go to church to be reprimanded that I have another ‘bill’ that is not paid. I don’t think it was fair for this couple to have gone through this. If I went through this, this would have turned me off from going back to church. When I get into a situation to pay, I will. I also think it really isn’t the Bishop’s business to know the status of everyone’s financial aspect of their lives UNLESS the person involved decides they should know. Thank you.





Dear Anonymous,

You mentioned that you are a new convert to the Church, and I can appreciate your feelings about paying another “bill” to the Church. However, I’m sure that as time goes on you will come to appreciate that tithing is not really a matter of money-strange as that may seem. Tithing is an ancient law of the Lord. He gives us all that we have, and sustains us from moment to moment. There are eternal principles that have been designed for the welfare, benefit and happiness of man, that God has revealed to us through his prophets, ancient and modern. The principles are eternal; they do not change. The LDS religion is not a religion of convenience; it is a religion of principle. Tithing is one of those principles, and it is intrinsically tied to the principle of faith. If we develop sufficient faith to comply with the Lord’s commandments, when it is NOT convenient to do, and in particular, when it requires a sacrifice on our part, the Lord will fulfill his promises to us. He WILL bless us, and we will be far better off for having depended on the Lord and his goodness than having tried to depend on “the arm of flesh.” The Lord has said,

Verily I say unto you, all among them who know their hearts are honest, and are broken, and their spirits contrite, and are willing to observe their covenants by sacrifice–yea, every sacrifice which I, the Lord, shall command–they are accepted of me.


For I, the Lord, will cause them to bring forth as a very fruitful tree which is planted in a goodly land, by a pure stream, that yieldeth much precious fruit (D&C 97:8-9).

Why don’t you consult with your bishop to see how he might help you comply with all the principles of the gospel, and so have your life even further enriched.






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