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We were discussing plural marriages in the celestial kingdom. Our question is: Will this be a choice or does this pertain to the brethren who are sealed to more than one wife here on earth?

Doug, from Washington

Dear Doug,

There have been no plural marriages consummated in the Church since some time before the Manifesto was issued in 1890. However, as you know, plural marriages were sanctioned by the Lord in biblical times as well as in the early days of the Church.

The sealing of a couple together for time and eternity in the holy temples assures that the couple will be together as husband and wife in the celestial kingdom if they are true and faithful to their covenants in mortality. If the wife of a couple sealed together in the temple dies, it is possible for the widow to marry again. He may choose to be sealed to his second wife, and if they remain faithful, then he would have the two partners in eternity.

I’m not sure if your question relates to whether or not marriages are consummated by resurrected beings in the celestial kingdom. The scriptures are silent on this issue, and I know of no pronouncement on the subject by modern-day prophets. There are many things that we do not now know that will be opened to our understanding in the next world. This may be among them.


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