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Is it wise to get a blessing when I have no faith that I will get answers to my prayers? Or accept the counsel giving during my blessing?





Dear Karen,

It’s difficult to answer this question without knowing more.  It’s hard to determine if you desire a blessing, but lack faith that it would address your needs; or if someone is pushing you to receive a blessing that you don’t want (because you suspect what counsel it would include and are unwilling to accept it); or something else entirely.

So, let me just point out a few things that may help.  First, if you do not want to receive a blessing, you should inform whoever is pressuring you to receive one that you do not want one.  You do not need to explain why, just tell them you don’t want one and don’t want to discuss it further.

If you are talking about a Patriarchal Blessing, I would encourage you to wait until you feel a desire for it and have prepared yourself.

If you want the blessing, but lack the faith to receive it, or fear that the Lord will counsel you to do things you don’t feel prepared to do, then there are steps you can take to prepare yourself.  These are the same things required of anyone who wishes to receive a blessing, regardless of the strength of their faith:

  • Repentance. It’s fascinating how often Christ’s healings in the New Testament are accompanied by a statement that the person blessed is forgiven of their sins.  Begin this process.  Even a start will increase your faith and lift burdens.
  • Humility. As King Benjamin has pointed out, when we receive blessings from the Lord, it is not based on our worthiness, but rather on God’s greatness and love.  Remembering this can help us to feel humble and grateful that the Lord will hear our petition.
  • Study. The scriptures are full of the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. As you study, you could look at how loving and gentle he is, how quick to forgive and to help those who turn to him.  This may help you overcome your doubts.
  • Do all that you can to resolve the situation yourself and to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we are doing these things, we put ourselves in a position to be guided by the Spirit, which always leads to better endings.
  • Pray for faith, humility, and other virtues you feel you need.

A study of priesthood blessings (Gospel Topics article) may help to resolve your specific concerns.  Without knowing more about your specific situation, I cannot guess.  It may not be wise, in that you may condemn yourself by receiving counsel from God and rejecting it.  On the other hand, God may well withhold His counsel, knowing that you are unwilling to receive it.  And if this is the case, He may replace it with comfort or counsel you are ready to receive, or simply with a call to repent and turn to Him, or even with silence.

Finally, I am reminded of Elder Patrick Kearon’s talk in the most recent General Conference, “God’s Intent is to Bring You Home“:

God is in relentless pursuit of you. He “wants all of His children to choose to return to Him,” and He employs every possible measure to bring you back.

If you can’t trust anything else, trust that.  And consider what Alma had to say about faith:

…even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you…

Even the smallest desire can be nurtured and eventually yield fruit. Let these thoughts work in you.  May God bless you to overcome the trials you are facing.






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