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Why were the printing presses of the Nauvoo Expositor destroyed?

April 12, 2014 7:51 am

Question Gramps, Why did Joseph Smith have the offices of the Nauvoo Exposiorr ransacked and the printing press destroyed and thrown into the middle of the street? Steve (more)

Is the Hill Cumorah really in New York?

March 5, 2014 8:07 am

Question Gramps, My question is more out of curiosity than of faith building , but as I read of the travels of Moroni, and view many maps of (more)

Should the church be disavowing all racism?

January 30, 2014 8:30 am

Question Gramps, Recently, there was a news article stating that the church “disavows” all racism in the history of the church. Here is the link on which I (more)

Who is the old man President Faust talks about in his pioneer story?

January 21, 2014 5:00 am

Question Gramps, Hello I was wondering if you know the name of the old pioneer in President Faust’s story in a talk he gave called The Refiner’s Fire? Thanks for (more)

How should I proceed with my book club?

November 4, 2013 2:00 am

Question Gramps, I hold a Relief Society Book Club in San Diego, CA. I feel terrible because I recommended our group read Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman (more)

Why the difference between the Book of Mormon and D&C?

October 29, 2013 1:00 am

Question Gramps, In the Book of Mormon Jacob 2:24, concubinage and polygamy were renounced but seemed to be justified in D&C 132:1-4. What do you think? Alex

Are there any scriptures for Lorenzo Snow’s couplet?

October 23, 2013 1:00 am

 Question Dear Gramps, Are there scriptures for Lorenzo Snow’s couplet, “ As man now is, God once was: As God now is, man may be?” I am mostly (more)

Why didn’t the apostles of old pass on the Priesthood?

October 15, 2013 9:32 am

Question Gramps, Why wasn’t the Priesthood passed onto righteous males by the Apostles so the Church could have kept on going? Karen

Was it the Three Nephites?

August 24, 2013 12:01 am

Question There is a story in History of Joseph Smith about David Whitmer’s fields being mysteriously plowed and sown by three men. Is it possible that these three (more)

Bishops and Divorce

June 30, 2013 12:01 am

Can a man married to a divorced woman (specifically if she was sealed in the temple in her first marriage) be called to be a Bishop? I can’t (more)

Is there an official church stance on William Law?

June 19, 2013 7:06 pm

Question Gramps, Is there an official church opinion on William Law? If not, what is your opinion? In reading the Expositor, he strikes me of a man of (more)


April 13, 2013 12:01 am

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints professes to be a church that continues to receive inspiration and revelation from the Lord. It is perhaps one of (more)