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Why didn’t 1/3 part of God’s children accept God’s plan of salvation?  What was the main reason they followed Satan?





This is an excellent question, I believe,any person who has read the scriptures will or has already asked themselves, “Why would a third part of the host of heaven follow Satan?”  Although we may ask ourselves these questions the scriptures and words of modern day apostles and prophets provide us with light to ponder:

1) They loved Satan more than God.  (Moses 5: 28; although the scripture pertains to the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, the principle still applies to the third part in heaven which rebelled)

2) They also sought, like Satan, to destroy the agency of men (Moses 4:3).  They saw more wisdom in the ideas presented by Satan, than by the ultimate wisdom given by God regarding our agency.

3) Due to the principle of agency, irony, since they wanted to destroy the agency of men, they chose to leave with Satan (Doctrine and Covenants 29: 36-37).

In our most recent conference, April 6th 2014, Elder Robert D. Hales had this to share, “In choosing whether we will obey, it is always helpful to remember the consequences of our choices.  Did Lucifer and his followers understand the consequences of choosing to reject Heavenly Father’s plan? If so, why did they make such a terrible choice? We might ask ourselves a similar question: why do any of us choose to be disobedient when we know the eternal consequences of sin? The scriptures provide an answer: the reason Cain and some of the children of Adam and Eve chose to disobey is because “they loved Satan more than God.”

In discussion with one one of my friends he provided this thought in relation to Elder Hales thoughts, “It’s the vices I embrace – the ones that I consider a part of my character, the ones that express my truest desires – those are the sins that damn me.  And if I don’t apply my testimony to the point of working the blood of the Lamb in me, then I run the risk of losing this estate.”

Well Raja, may you and I be blessed to love God more than we love Satan.  May each of us be blessed to choose to follow light and truth, verses darkness and error.  And should we err, may we repent quickly and sincerely before the Lord that in the end we may be found worthy to stand.



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