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Dear Gramps,

Can you tell me where I can find the conference address given by Joseph Smith or Brigham Young concerning Oliver Cowdery and his letter he wrote asking to come back to the Church? Thanks,





Dear Christine,

Perhaps you are referring to a letter written by the Prophet to Oliver Cowdery inviting him to come back. An account of that letter, dated 19 April, 1843 is as follows:

‘Write Oliver Cowdery, and ask him if he has not eaten husks long enough. If he isn’t almost ready to return, be clothed with robes of righteousness, and go up to Jerusalem. Orson Hyde hath need of him.’ A letter was written accordingly, but the Prophet’s generous tender of forgiveness and fellowship called forth no response from Oliver Cowdery (History of the Church, Period I, vol. v, p. 368.)

Oliver was not rebaptized until November, 1848. An account of his appeal to return to the Church is recorded in the LDS Biographical Encyclopedia as follows:

In the early part of November following Elder Hyde called a High Council in the Log Tabernacle, to consider the case of Oliver Cowdery. Having been cut off by the voice of a High Council, it was thought that, if he was restored, he should be restored by the voice of a similar body. Before this body Brother Cowdery said: “Brethren, for a number of years I have been separated from you. I now desire to come back. I wish to come humbly and to be one in your midst. I seek no station. I only wish to be identified with you. I am out of the Church. I am not a member of the Church, but I wish to become a member of it. I wish to come in at the door. I know the door. I have not come here to seek precedence. I come humbly and throw myself upon the decisions of this body, knowing, as I do, that its decisions are right, and should be obeyed.” Brother George W. Harris, president of the Council, moved that Brother Cowdery be received. Considerable discussion took place in relation to a certain letter which, it was alleged, Brother Cowdery had written to David Whitmer. Brother Cowdery again rose and said: “If there be any person that has aught against me, let him declare it. My coming back and humbly asking to become a member through the door, covers the whole ground. I acknowledge this authority.” Brother Hyde moved that Brother Oliver Cowdery be received into the Church by baptism, and that all old things be dropped and forgotten, which was seconded and carried unanimously. Soon afterwards he was re-baptized (LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 1, p.246.)







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