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Dear Gramps,

We have adopted our children and have had them sealed to us. I understand that this sealing changes the “blood line”.  Someone once told me that Joseph Smith said something to this effect.  Do you have this source or any information that we can give to children to explain this principle.  Thanks


Dear Carrie,

Part of the Abrahamic covenant is that those of non-Israelite lineage, are adopted into the house of Israel and partake of the blessings promised to Abraham through the ordinances of the Gospel.  The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that:  “As the Holy Ghost falls upon one of the literal seed of Abraham, it is calm and serene; and his whole soul and body are only exercised by the pure spirit of intelligence; while the effect of the Holy Ghost upon a Gentile, is to purge out the old blood, and make him actually of the seed of Abraham.  That man that has none of the blood of Abraham (naturally) must have a new creation by the Holy Ghost.” Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pages 149-150

There is a common belief among Church members that most of us are adopted into the house of Israel, but several Church leaders have indicated that the majority of those who accept the Gospel are already of the  house of Israel though they come from a Gentile nation.   President Joseph Fielding Smith stated:  “Every person who embraces the gospel becomes of the house of Israel. In other words, they become members of the chosen lineage, or Abraham’s children through Isaac and Jacob unto whom the promises were made. The great majority of those who become members of the Church are literal descendants of Abraham through Ephraim, son of Joseph. Those who are not literal descendants of Abraham and Israel must become such, and when they are baptized and confirmed they are grafted into the tree and are entitled to all the rights and privileges as heirs.” (Doctrines of Salvation, 3 vols., Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1954–56, 3:246.)

It is the adoption into the house of Israel that Joseph Smith was referring to when he stated that the old blood is purged and new created through the Holy Ghost.


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