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What is your view of single sisters adopting children and rearing them in the gospel who might not have had a chance otherwise?  This would be for those women who never had the chance of a temple sealing.







Truly my heart has compassion for women, especially women of our faith, who have not yet married and are single and desire the opportunity to become a mother. What a truly good desire which comes with its own heartaches and pains. In this desire I would recommend they read this and exercise faith in God’s will for them (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and (Proclamation):

“Some women are unable to bear children. Childless women often fulfill the role of mother by adopting children or by taking in foster children. Women who are unable to have children and single women can find fulfillment by working with children in a variety of ways or by doing other things whereby they can give of themselves in service to others. Women who do such work can find joy in it and bring happiness and wholesome influence into the lives of children, especially those who have been denied a mother’s love.

“President Brigham Young comforted those childless women who had been faithful to their temple covenants, saying:

“Many of the sisters grieve because they are not blessed with offspring. You will see the time when you will have millions of children around you. If you are faithful to your covenants, you will be mothers of nations. … Be faithful, and if you are not blest with children in this time, you will be hereafter” (in Deseret News [Weekly], 28 Nov. 1860, 306).”

“Some women may not marry until later in life. Some may remain single throughout their mortal lives if they are unable to find a worthy companion. Such women are promised worthy husbands and children in the life after death. No blessing available on earth will be denied them.  Lesson 14: The Latter-day Saint Woman

“President Harold B. Lee said:

“You young women advancing in years who have not yet accepted a proposal of marriage, if you make yourselves worthy and ready to go to the house of the Lord and have faith in this sacred principle of celestial marriage for eternity, even though the privilege of marriage does not come to you now in mortality, the Lord will reward you in due time and no blessing will be denied you. You are not under obligation to accept a proposal from someone unworthy of you for fear you will fail [to receive] of your blessings” (Ye Are the Light of the World [1974], 308).”

“Every woman in this Church has great worth. If we live faithfully, we will be blessed someday with the privilege of being a companion, helpmeet, and mother. Whether this opportunity comes early or late in life or in the hereafter, we can fill our lives by serving others and fulfilling our roles as Latter-day Saint women.”  Lesson 14: The Latter-day Saint Woman

My view, children are entitled to birth or adoption to a mother and father on this earth as specified within “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”  “Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity.”





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