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My step mom still thinks I imagine the headaches; despite the fact that, in 1996, I had emergency surgery to remove a tumor from my brain.  My concern is this: I don’t know if my family is correct, if I have been over-stating my “conditions” to use as a crutch against getting a job or if I truly am not able to work. I’ve prayed about it, talked it over with friends, even seen the bishop of my ward, yet the only answer I have received is to ask you. All this is extremely troubling to me. I’m a good student and can pass almost every course I take, but that doesn’t seem to translate into action. I’m at a loss of what to do, who to talk to. I pray you can help me find the answers I seek.





I am also praying that I may assist in helping you to find the answer you seek. As sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father our mortal tabernacles provide each of us with unique challenges to face and conquer.

Unfortunately, I am not a neurologist and would not be able to accurately diagnosis whether or not you are truly experiencing the severity of pain headacheexpressed while enduring your headaches. Have you seen a doctor?

I would encourage you to seek employment despite the headaches you may feel. I would look for a job that is less strenuous on your mind. In my youth, I experienced severe headaches, however as an adult I experience the same severity of headaches while being able to cope and continue on with my daily activities. I know, at times still, I experience headaches which are debilitating, so severe, it is hard to function (but they are rare). I usually solve these with a quick evening nap and some pain relievers (over the counter pain relievers). Despite the severity of my headaches, I still need to provide for my family.



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