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I was recently called to be the Young Men’s President in our ward. I was disappointed that the Bishop had called counselors without letting me know who they were before we were sustained in Sacrament meeting. Surprise! Is this right?





Hello Brian,

To paraphrase your question and explanation, is it right for a Bishop to extend a call for the Young Men President’s counselors, without consulting or receiving any input from the newly called YM’s President?

Brian, I am definitely able to understand your disappointment and frustration, because we all definitely appreciate the opportunity to recommend and receive personal revelation for those we are to serve with.

However, although it may appear incorrect, it is within the bounds of the Bishops stewardship to extend the call and set apart the Young Men counselors. The Bishop also is able to assign one of his counselors to call and set apart the Young Men counselors.

The frustration may be due to the understanding and normal protocol within most wards where the Bishop, or Bishopric counselors receive recommended names from the Young Men President. This is more encouraged by the brethren. This allows the Young Men President to seek personal revelation, and then recommend names. However, even when some names are recommended, the Bishop or counselors may refuse the names.

In this situation, your Bishop has acted appropriately within the bounds of his stewardship. This is actually similar to the calling of an Elder’s Quorum President. The Stake President is the individual that actually calls the Elder’s Quorum President, and sets him apart. The traditional approach, the Stake President asks the Bishop for a recommendation(s) and then typically chooses from the recommended names, but the Stake President may choose someone who was not recommended.

Congrats and the Lord bless you in your service.







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