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Dear Gramps,

Someone thinks that they can use “kabbalah and magic” to siphon the power of the priesthood out of me. It was strange, but when they went to the bathroom and came back the presence of the Holy Ghost suddenly left. What do I do in these situations? I know it sounds strange but how do I stop them from doing this next time, because they’re a member of my family, I can’t seem to avoid them, however, I don’t prefer to say his name.¬† ¬†Thank you.






The priesthood of God is not something that can be siphoned or removed from an individual. There is no power on this earth that can “act upon” the priesthood of God or remove it from a person that has received it by the laying on of hands and has been ordained to any office in either the Aaronic or Melchizedek priesthood (save their own disobedience/worthiness).

The experience you share with your family member from my perspective has at least two interpretations that are more likely. The first is simply your family member offended the Spirit and the spirit was removed as it will not dwell in an unholy environment. The second is simply the Spirit allowing you discern the presence of an evil spirit. In this case, the Spirit is allowing you to recognize the difference between Him and an evil spirit, which does not mean the Holy Ghost has left and gone. He is still there within you allowing you to recognize opposites. I am more inclined, from personal experience, to believe the latter.

The reason I believe the latter is that if I have not done anything to remove the Holy Ghost from me, then the Holy Ghost will still be my constant companion. The former is possible if you “actively” participated in magic. This shouldn’t surprise us either if we felt a loss of the Holy Ghost. I was once told that we should be more aware as to when the Spirit leaves us, then when he is with us. If the Spirit “actually” leaves us then we know we have done something wrong and have need of repentance.

In these situations, if family members, you appear to have a few options:

1) Choose not to be in the same room/house with this individual

2) Accept that other family members have their beliefs and love them

3) If you can not avoid a family event where they are, then choose to avoid them

Personally, the only option to me is #2, unless of course you feel your life is in danger then #1 appears to be appropriate. If not, remember, as disciples of Jesus Christ our first choice is to love and respect others’ beliefs. Allow them to worship how, where, or what they may. Allow them to have their individual belief although we know they have no power to siphon anything from God’s priesthood. There is no greater power on earth than God and his priesthood.






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