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I believe this has happened. See the early chapters in the Book of Luke. It seems evident that immortals are capable of having physical children as well…consider Adam and Eve. I hope I will be blessed to give birth to children in the Millennium since I haven’t been blessed with that in mortality. It’s possible. I just don’t know if they will let me. I could adopt those whose parents aren’t worthy to raise them but those children would also be immortal so if I adopt immortal children or give birth the result is still the same.


Dear Shasta,

I think you are overthinking the Millenium. Let’s break down your question.

 garden of eden mormonFirst, Adam and Eve were mortal when they bore children. This was after they partook of the Tree of Knowledge and were cast out of the Garden of Eden.

Second, I don’t know which “they” would let you or not let you bear children in the Millenium.

What I do know, is that there will be a reign of righteousness on the earth as Jesus Christ rules as King of Kings.

I wouldn’t spend any time wondering about the mixing of mortal and immortal DNA in the Millenium.


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